Monday, July 6, 2009

What's hot - CANADA

Back in April of this year, Canada issued its contribution to the International Year of Astronomy.

The issues consist of a booklet of 10 stamps (5X2) with self-adhesive stamps, 1 regular souvenir sheet seen here, 1 overprinted souvenir sheet with the IYA logo in the UL corner, seen below, and an uncut press sheet.

6 million booklet stamps have been issued, 250,000 regular souvenir sheets, only 80,000 overprinted souvenir sheets, and 7,500 uncut press sheets.

Although fairly easy to find, the highest bid I received on eBay was $4.27 while selling this issue at $1.65 at the store.

Now, the hot item in this issue is this souvenir sheet. As mentioned it is overprinted with the IYA logo in the upper left-hand corner, but it can only been seen under a black-light or a UV lamp.
With naked eyes you can differentiate the 2 sheets by observing the bar code. The regular sheet has a bar code with a white background, while this one has a yellowish background for the bar code.
As mentioned a very limited quantity was printed (80.000) and it sold out at the Philatelic Center in matter of days. Although still available at my store for $3.25 I am seriously thinking about increasing the price after putting this item up for bids on Ebay at $1.99 and closing the auction with a high bid of $10.51

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