Sunday, July 5, 2009

eBay and the stamp collector...

As mentioned yesterday most of us are under the false impression that if we buy something at Walmart we get the best possible deal. Well I hope I showed you that it is not always the case and shopping around could prove to be rewarding. Let's hope now that by giving you some very recent figures on my own sales you will consider doing the same when it comes to your stamp collection.

I still use eBay to put some items on auction, mainly to promote my on-line store at and communicate with thousands of collectors. I take the risk of using those items as loss-leaders to get in touch with people around the world.

With this in mind, last month, I listed over 60 new issues mainly about the International Polar Year and the International Year Of Astronomy. I started most items at $0.99, realizing that I stood the chance of loosing a lot if they were to go for the minimum bidding price. Was I in for a surprise?

After careful examination of the final bids and the selling price at my store, 95% of all items listed sold for more than what they are listed at in my store. I was even able to send out "second chance" offers to many and still get a better price for those items.

So, am I satisfied? Certainly am, but being a stamp collector myself, I feel that we should not be taken advantage of and that people should know that eBay is not the only place to find good deals. I promote my store as a place for collectors to feel good about their purchases and the prices they pay. Why? Because as a stamp collector that is how I would like to feel when dealing with an internet dealer.

Coming up pictures and price comparaisons.

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