Saturday, July 4, 2009

So you think eBay is the best place for deals!

As a stamp collector myself I always thought eBay was the place for the best deals around the globe.

As a consumer I also thought that Walmart was the best place to save money.

Well, as a stamp collector/philatelist and a consumer I was wrong on both assumptions. Just to show my point, let me tell you about Walmart first.

I have 2 dogs and I used to buy the dog food at Walmart, 18kg bags twice a month. Now one must admit that they are marketing geniuses and they can make you believe just about anything they want you to believe. So most us are going in and picking up just about anything that they have on display. Well my friends start looking closer and start shopping around a little bit more.

When we had the tainted dog food problem out of China, Walmart, for some reasons, was constantly out of its brand. Then when it came back in stock it was about a dollar more expensive, and it has been creeping up ever since.

This is just one example. I will not start outlining all the other items that you can find elsewhere at better price but, if you feel like it conduct your own survey and see what conclusions you will come to.

What about eBay then? The story is about the same and as a dealer with an on-line store as well as an eBay seller come back in a day and you will find out in my next post.

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